Cory Okeefe

Creative Director



I help build brands that resonate emotionally with customers, create digital products that lead to impactful experiences, and ultimately help companies generate more revenue. 

Currently I have been consulting for Faire & Group Nine Media. Prior to consulting I have been dedicated to help build Hathway as a Creative Director. Working with brands such as L'Oreal, PetSmart, AEG, LVMHBrightview, and Transamerica. Solving business problems through design & technology.

I love building products with friends. My current projects are - The Universe Loves You,  LUVD , Bodega Los Alamos


Cory is an amazing creative leader with the ability to push things beyond the comfort zone and help rationalize strategy and purpose. His ability to lead his team to understanding our brands needs, and translate our customer-centric vision into functional, beautiful user design impressed my entire team. It is rare to have agencies come in and really immerse themselves into their clients, but the collaboration he set was unparalleled. He was able to articulate the creative to a broad group of business partners, setting us all up for success!
— Michael Wilson, VP of Creative PetSmart
I had the privilege of working with Cory for 2 years while I was at AEG. Cory has the amazing facility and innate sensibility to recognize each client’s goals and bring creative solutions to every project and marry it with brilliant design. Regardless of the complexity and urgency of the project, Cory’s “grace-under-pressure” is always on display. He has a phenomenal understanding of technology and social media, as well as a keen understanding of the unique value proposition that each social network offers, and how to utilize each digital channel optimally to create maximimum ROI for our clients. In short, Cory was an exceptional partner and collaborator and is a phenomenal creative director.
— Scott Carlis, VP of Digital AEG
I had the pleasure of meeting Cory during our collaboration on several mobile projects for the L’Oréal Paris brand.

His approach to legacy projects was refreshing. It is very easy to take a business as usual approach, but he didn’t fall into that trap.

Each topic was well addressed strategically, and importantly always from a user point of view. This was critical for us as we tried to reimagine our overall approach.

I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Cory.
— Chris Chesebro, VP Of Digital L'Oreal